Complexity arises from simple actions. Patterns develop from random noise. The technology universe changes and morphs, outstripping all attempts to capture it. In this shifting landscape Chaos Theory exists at the intersection of imagination and possibility, always looking for the next experience, the next product, the next innovation. Over the course of more than two decades we have brought new ideas to life for businesses of every type and size, from the largest technology giants to the smallest startups. We are always looking forward to the next challenge but our mission never changes - to provide advanced experience design, software development and hardware prototyping services for technology, retail, entertainment and other businesses.

We don't predict the future. We create it.


Innovation is not restricted to a single discipline and neither are we. Our capabilities begin with consulting and ideation services to help businesses define product requirements. Ideas are rendered through UX, visual and technical design. And completed products are created through hardware and software development. Our skills and experience extend across the entire spectrum of technology platforms, languages, hardware prototyping environments and more.


Everything starts with an idea in the minds of the creators. Our job is to use the tools of imagination to help companies envision the future. Our Strategic Consulting, Experience Architecture and Ideation services have guided Microsoft, Intel, AT&T, T-Mobile and many other companies toward new paths, products and experiences.


Design is the process of capturing an idea and shaping it into a possibility. The designer examines, questions, re-imagines and returns the completed thing in conceptual form. Toward that goal we apply the various disciplines of UX Design, Visual Design, and Technical Design, integrating them all to create a unified definition of the product to be built.


We love to imagine and visualize what could be, but that desire is only fulfilled when we can see our ideas take form in the real world. With expertise in all of the tools of hardware and software creation we can take on any project, from AI, Machine Learning, Web Services, and Interactive Media to AR/VR Experiences, IoT Devices and more.


And many others!


For more information on our capabilities and services please email info@chaostheorystudios.com